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Most Recent Achievements

Tempsand has been progressing in leaps and bounds and finds our sister company South East Soil Testing (Registration Number 10602) being the only National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) laboratory in SOUTH EAST ASIA that is registered to test for thermal resistivity (TR) to ASTM DS334 and IEEE std 442 and complying with ISO 17025.

Secondly, we have also achieved an Innovation Patent on Thermofill® protecting the intellectual rights of our designs from international mimicking. Tempsand is also very proud of registering our patents worldwide, opening the door to companies to save substantial amounts of money and cut carbon dioxide emissions in the future.

And finally we have just finalised the first part of a four part manual which will guide authorities and engineers with the testing of natural/flowable fill and backfill materials for underground power and fibre optic cables.

We are yet to receive confirmation of this but it appears that one state has already agreed to adopt part one.

We are obviously proud of these achievements

Our staffs experience covers but is not limited to the fields of:

  1. Soil Thermal Dynamics
  2. Construction, supply and installation of bedding material specified by clients for Soil

Thermal and Electrical Dynamics

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Environmental Investigations
  • Environmental Evaluations
  • Environmental Rehabilitations
  • Electrical Conductivity