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Soil Thermal Conductivity When there is construction of structures whether it is a pipeline, a subdivision or road works there is damage done to the natural environment.


Tempsand can handle all of your soil testing and Geotechnical engineering needs

Soil Testing

Soil consists of loose sedimentary deposits and are made up of basically four main materials. These are organics, solids, water and air where solids comprise of sand, clay, silt and gravel. Engineering removes most organics or topsoils so they usually do not play a part in a soil test but should always be noted in any investigation. A soil test or Geotechnical investigation is the evaluation of material for the purposes of designing structures. Depending on the engineering design the evaluation of the soil may comprise of simple sizing of particles over a sieve set and the reaction to water of the fines to complex triaxial test to measure the shearing capacity of disturbed and undisturbed samples. In either case if required we can help with Geotechnical engineering advice in our services. Tempsand also uses only highly reputable NATA firms where possible for its field and laboratory test analysis.

Geotechnical Investigation& Engineering

When you decide to start your engineering project you will most likely require a Geotechnical Investigation and Geotechnical Engineering. The Investigation can vary extensively depending on the requirements set out in the project. Generally after the parameters have been set by the design engineer they then passes it to the Geotechnical authority which plots the location and depth of the proposed soil test. This Investigation can then entail as little as (depending on the requirements set) simple bore holes to establish depth of the underlaying strata, Dynamic Cone Penetrometer testing to determine the bearing strength of those strata and often several NATA laboratory test will also be performed to help decide the reactivity of the strata. After all data has been collated the Geotechnical Engineer then makes recommendations based on your design engineers’ parameters. The Geotechnical Investigation and Geotechnical Engineer is only the initial steps in the overall design of the structure and great care should be taken in employing a competent and qualified company for your project. If not then over testing (or even worse) under testing could occur and this can have serious affect on the design life of your structures.

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