What is a Penetrometer?

What is a Penetrometer? Ever wondered how they ensure the safety and quality of everything from your morning toast to the buildings you live in? The answer lies in a handy tool called a penetrometer. A penetrometer is a tool that is used to measure the penetration resistance of a substance. In simpler terms, it […]

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Geotechnical Testing, how does the science work

Geotechnical Testing, how does the science work Ever wonder how giant buildings stay up, or why some roads crack while others stay smooth? The answer lies underground with a team of science detectives – geotechnical engineers! They use special tools to peek beneath the surface and understand the hidden world of dirt and rock. Imagine […]

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What is a “cone penetration test”?

What is a “cone penetration test”? A cone penetration test (CPT) is a process used by geotechnical consultants to assess the properties of soil and determine the subsurface stratigraphy (the layering of different soil types). It determines the geotechnical properties of soils, such as strength, density, and behaviour. It helps identify different soil layers and […]

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Geotechnical Engineering in Brisbane

Brisbane has a varied geological landscape. From the riverbank soils to hills with sedimentary rock formations. Brisbane’s geotechnical engineers face unique challenges in constructing buildings, bridges, and more. To make the structures stable and long-lasting, understanding the geological canvas is the key. Success in any Brisbane construction project always starts with a solid foundation. Geotechnical […]

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How Soil Testing Samples Works

What is a soil test? It’s a scientific analysis of a soil sample to evaluate its composition, nutrient levels, pH, and other characteristics. The main purpose of soil testing is to provide information that will help in making informed decisions about the best land use. Soil sample testing is a crucial process in agriculture, environment […]

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What is a Soil pH Tester?

Soil pH testers are essential tools for growers, commonly used to assess the acidity and alkalinity of soil. Before embarking on gardening, analyzing and testing soil pH is recommended to ensure optimal conditions for cultivating healthy crops. Soil testing can be performed using various devices, including dye soil pH testers, soil test strips, and electronic […]

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DIY Soil Testing: A Step-by-Step Guide for Home Gardeners

Are you an avid gardener looking to boost your garden’s productivity and the overall health of your plants? One essential aspect of gardening that often goes overlooked is understanding your soil’s characteristics. Soil testing allows you to assess its composition and vital properties such as soil thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity. In this comprehensive guide, […]

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Queensland Geotechnical engineering explained

Tempsand and its sister company Civil Quality Assurance  employ the best engineer consultants for your particular service you require. Our senior geotechnical engineers have vast experience in all Civil aspects. Our senior geotechnical engineers have worked on wind farms, solar farms, dam construction, buildings and earthworks to just name a few. Our senior geotechnical engineers […]

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Successful Soil Testing for Wynnum Manley Leagues Club

Recently, the Wynnum Manley Leagues Club undertook a massive overhaul of their premises. There was a lot of pressure to get the project done quickly to reopen the club without cutting corners. The Leagues Club hired Civil Quality Assurance for expert soil testing and earthworks on the project, working to strict deadlines. Soil Testing and […]

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Soil Properties & Resistivity

Soil properties to determine soil thermal resistivity testing by Tempsand All soils are different so what makes up soil and how are they affecting soil thermal resistivity testing properties Soil usually consists of three basic constituents. 1. Solids in Soil In soil, solids can be anything from a clay particle to a gravel piece. Every solid can be made up of any element however the […]

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