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Soil Test Tempsand and Soil thermal resistivity testing

Tempsand can handle all of your soil testing and Geotechnical engineering needs

Soil Test from Tempsand

Soil consists of loose sedimentary deposits and are made up of  basically four main materials. These are organics, solids, water and air where solids comprise of sand, clay, silt and gravel.  Engineering removes most organics or topsoils so they usually do not play a part in a soil test but should always be noted in any investigation.  A  soil test or Geotechnical investigation is the evaluation of material for the purposes of designing structures. Depending on the engineering design the evaluation of the soil may comprise of  simple sizing of particles over a sieve set and the reaction to water of the fines to complex triaxial test to measure the shearing capacity of disturbed and undisturbed samples. In either case if required we can help with Geotechnical engineering advice in our services. Tempsand also uses only highly reputable NATA firms where possible for its field and laboratory test analysis.